Wednesday, July 25, 2007

REVIEW: TJs Brown Rice Tortillas

Trader Joe's has come out with product lists for special diet needs. I picked up the gluten-free list last week and new of products in the store that were not on their list. One product is TJs Brown Rice Tortillas, pointed out to me by BB on her trip to Portland. She raved about them, so I just had to try.

I was not expecting a delish handmade tortilla such as Leona's de Chimayo, probably the most perfect gluten-y tortilla you can buy. TJs BRT is not as pliable as one would hope, but it did it's job in the quesadilla I made for lunch. I have tried another brand of rice tortilla in the past and TJs is much better. Less rice-y.

Not sure how it would fare as a burrito. Seems it would crack too easily. Maybe lightly steaming would help...

Speaking of tortillas, noticed a mention on my daily g-f news, to Book of Yum, a recipe blog that seems to favor the international cuisine. Nice! Today's recipe is for masa tortillas. If you are sensitive to corn, though g-f many folk are, I'd stick to TJs.

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