Saturday, June 7, 2008

in the news...autism , allergies

From Environmental Working Group blog Pet shampoo ingredient linked to autism spectrum disorder

Pass the shows curcumin inhibits allergic response.

More allergy news...
Research suggests good gut bugs may alter immune response to pollen. Not so sure I would advise drinking milk with probiotics, as the milk itself may be contributing to allergy symptoms.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

inur magazine: intentionally urban, can we have it all?

I've been working pretty hard lately, not just on my residency, but as creative director of a new web-based, digital magazine, called in|ur (intentionally urban). The magazine is now live (yay) and I can relax. No, just kidding, I'm hurriedly working on Issue #2!

Woke up early this morning, thanks to the dogs, and have been researching ideas for future issues. I've been thinking a lot about a lot these days, and how I can live my life in the city in a more sustainable way. I will definitely be fixing the bicycle so I can use it as a mode of transportation instead of just a space filler in the garage. A vegetable garden in the side yard is in talks but the bf is not going to budge on the whole raising chickens subject (sigh).

As I'm eating my breakfast of organic mango (part of my biweekly fruit & veggie delivery service—very convenient for the busy, working, urban couple that we are) and drinking my organic coffee, I think how although ORGANIC, this is not really an earth-friendly meal. Mangos nor coffee grow in the Pacific Northwest. How much fuel does it take to get that half-way around the world? J and I were talking the other day about how green, organic, and sustainable aren't always the same thing. Sure hybrid cars use less gas, but their batteries are difficult and dangerous to dispose of. Bamboo, what a great natural resource! Bamboo grows like a weed, uses less pesticides, makes a durable fabric, but the process to convert it to fabric is laden with chemicals.

Then there is the issue of food prices increasing due to the cost of gas rising. Due to the cost of fuel, my beloved organic delivery service just increased their prices, and the New York Times mentions the increasing costs of running restaurants. Am I sounding like a big, whiny yuppie? Let me fill my 1980s Volvo with $4.19/gallon gasoline and I'll get back to you on that one.

For now, do the best you can. Eat local, shop local as much as possible. Find alternative forms of transportation, carpool, compost. Love the earth, the air, the water. We've only got one planet, let's keep it.

UPDATE: I am no longer working with the magazine. After creating concepts and initial layouts for the second issue, I realized all of the creativity and time spent on the magazine would be more beneficial to my residency and my own medical practice.