Friday, July 11, 2008

Walk There!

An avid, walking commuter when I lived in the City, my walk to work was 1.7 miles and if I didn't stop at the farmer's market, I could get to work in a little over 20 minutes. I was fit and I was fast, no leisurely lolly-gagging for me — I was all business. Walking wasn't exercise for me, it was transportation without the crowds, the public transportation delays, the heat (and smells) of the subway tunnels in the summer. I would arrive to work invigorated, arrive home relaxed.

After reading about Walk There!, a new guidebook on walking routes in the Portland Metro area, I've become inspired to walk again. The website lists 50 treks through the metro area including lunchtime strolls, city cruises, and history walks.

A fun tool I like to use to plan my dog walks is Google Maps. Just click "Directions," then enter your starting point and your destination. A driving path is highlighted, but just click on a point on the line and drag it to plan a more pedestrian friendly path. The distance is noted on the left of the screen.

Another cool site, allows you to plan your route (for walking, running, or biking), enter your stats in a box on the lower left corner of the page, and it calculates your speed, your pace, and calories expended. The info can then be saved to a training log. And the best part? It's free to register!

Walking has all of the benefits of jogging, without the stress on your knees and ankles. Whether it's commuting to work or just a trip to the neighborhood store, hang up those car keys and start walking!


  1. That is a great idea and one that I practive too. For instance, when I have to go to the Post Office or to get gas for a lawn mower or the bank something else close, I usually walk. It's usually about 1-2 miles. Big deal, I don't have to get the car out, I get nice breathing a little exercise and it really doesn't take much more time.

  2. A great way to get some exercise and save on gas! I often suggest to patients who take public transport when possible to walk just one extra stop to catch the bus or get off the bus one or two stops early. It's only a couple of blocks, but it's an easy way to fit some exercise into a busy day.