Saturday, November 22, 2008


Over ten years ago, I enrolled in a 200-hour Reflexology certification program at New York's Open Center. After completing the program, I was inspired to return to school and study naturopathic medicine. Reflexology is all about relieving stress by applying pressure to specific points in the feet (or hands or ears). By doing so, the body returns to a balanced state where it can heal. What a perfect way to treat the whole person...through their feet!

A couple of months ago, I was interviewed for a story in Health Magazine. The editor was looking for a doctor who uses reflexology in their practice and found me through NCNM. Well, the story is now available online!

Teaching patients is fundamental to being a doctor—naturopathic or conventional. In fact, the word "doctor" comes from the latin word "docere" or "to teach. One of the reasons I love using reflexology in my practice is I can teach my patients "homework" to work on their own feet at home. This is very empowering to many people, taking an active part in the healing process.

Check out the story, learn a little about the wonders of reflexology.

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