Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catching up!

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I have several blog posts in the works, but have been catching up on some residency related paperwork and freelance illustrations I'm doing for another physician's book on functional gastroenterology.

A lot has been going on in the world of holistica, not just with the arrival of the chickens, building a coop, and revamping the garden, but a possible clinic space is in the works. Exciting! A second exciting update is my contribution to another Health Magazine story, this one on some of the health benefits of tea. Check it out online, then pick up the April 2009 issue of Health Magazine to see it in print.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I'm Reading

From the New York Times online:
Don't speak! Why you shouldn't whisper when you have laryngitis. Best to give your vocal cords a break, avoid talking as much as possible.

Oral Allergy Syndrome: Why pollen allergies can lead to fruit and veggie allergies. Denature the offending proteins by peeling and cooking.

For something green on this St. Patrick's Day, a Proven├žal soup that is chock full o' greens and nutrients. Leave out the eggs, bread, and/or cheese if you have dietary restrictions, it will still be filling and delish.

From, plant a garden and save money! Do something good for the wallet and the environment.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vote and Name the Chick!

Voting has now started for the Name the Chick contest. Find the poll in the right hand column and select the name you think best suits the Buff Orpington chick. The person who came up with the winning name gets a dozen eggs (once she starts laying!). Thanks for voting!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chickens, part deux: Name that chick!

From the top: Penguin, the White Cochin, back and front views; Munkey, the Ameraucana; the yet-to-be-named Buff Orpington.

These are the latest portraits of the chicks. I plan to photograph them every few days because soon they will be full grown and out of that adorable "puppy" stage! I still don't have a name for the Buff Orpington (the yellow chick), so I will hold a contest and...may the best name win!

My Buff Orpington: she is larger than the other birds, so I suspect a few days older. She also is attempting to fly and has a really strong personality. From the Urban Farm Store website, here is a bit about more the Orpington:

Cute, puffy and (sometimes) even cuddly. This breed dates to the late 1800’s in England. The Orpington is becoming the most popular backyard chicken in the States. They are reliable layers of brown eggs.
Because of their plumage, they are very cold tolerant. While they tolerate confinement well but will benefit from exercise.

So, comment away! I'm excited to see what names you all come up with!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Meet Chipmunk, Munkey for short. She's an Ameraucana and a new addition to my household! Today I drove a friend to The Urban Farm Store so she could pick up some chicks and I walked out with a chicken raising "starter kit" and three chicks! There's Munkey, Penguin (she looks like the baby penguin from Happy Feet) the Brahma, and the Buff Orpington that I'm calling Buffy, until I think of a better name.

The chicks will live indoors for a few months and then move outdoors to their soon-to-be-built coop. I will keep posting updates and photos of the chicks, and of the progress of the coop construction. If all goes well, they will start laying in about five months!