Sunday, March 8, 2009


Meet Chipmunk, Munkey for short. She's an Ameraucana and a new addition to my household! Today I drove a friend to The Urban Farm Store so she could pick up some chicks and I walked out with a chicken raising "starter kit" and three chicks! There's Munkey, Penguin (she looks like the baby penguin from Happy Feet) the Brahma, and the Buff Orpington that I'm calling Buffy, until I think of a better name.

The chicks will live indoors for a few months and then move outdoors to their soon-to-be-built coop. I will keep posting updates and photos of the chicks, and of the progress of the coop construction. If all goes well, they will start laying in about five months!

1 comment:

  1. Found out today that Penguin is a White Cochin, not a Brahma! And I think Buffy may be named Chile instead, after one of my favorite breakfast dishes, Chilaquiles.