Friday, June 26, 2009

On the Road Again: Disney Travel Kit for Kids!

The Alcazar, Cordoba, Spain, June 1974
Some of my fondest memories are of traveling with my family when I was a child. I spent my early years living in Madrid, Spain, and we took many trips in the car, on trains, and even on military planes, exploring the Spanish countryside as well as neighboring European countries. My mom was always super prepared with snacks and activities that would occupy us for hours.

Lunch in the Spanish countryside, 1973. My dad took this photo (self-timer!) and developed it in a makeshift darkroom in our home.

I found this awesome travel kit via, perfect for traveling with the kids this summer. The Disney Travel Kit includes a travel pillow (kid-sized, of course), a copy of Dr. Seuss' There's A Map in My Lap, a travel game, notepad, pen, and a tote bag to keep it all in one place in the plane/train/automobile.

Way cool travel kit. Photo borrowed from

Leave a comment on her site and enter for a chance to win one of these kits (a $30 value) for FREE! Also, be sure to check out for tips on traveling with kids. They have ideas for games you can play in the car (other than Punch Buggy...ow!) and "healthy" road trip snacks. I would ixnay the roasted soy nuts or any product labeled "sugar-free," substituting nutritious (not roasted or salted) nuts such as almonds, brazil nuts, or walnuts for the soy nuts, as long as the child is old enough to chew them well. You can also bring nut butters or hummus for dipping carrot sticks, apple slices, or celery. Forgo the sweets for protein snacks, which are important for keeping blood sugar stable and avoiding sugar-crash meltdowns. Artificial sweeteners for kids are not a good thing, either, as they have never been tested on children. Actually, they aren't so good for adults, either (Splenda has been found to alter the efficacy of certain medications and also reduce good intestinal bacteria).

I've compiled some of my favorite products that are perfect for traveling and created a virtual dispensary on the Holistica Healthcare website. Check out my travel-friendly picks at the secure site for H2: On the Road, Again. Contact me for the access code at holisticahealth [at] Additional custom dispensaries for each of the Holistica Healthcare packages are in the works!

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