Friday, September 25, 2009

Naturopathic Doctors in the Press

My fellow NDs from the NCNM Class of 2007 are making news all across the country! First, Dr. Karen Peters in Albany, CA, discussed flu prevention, then last night I saw Dr. Jesse Buttler who practices in Milwaukee, OR, on KGW Channel 8 news talking about cleanses and fasts. Now it's Dr. Sean Heerey from New York City, talking about the role of alternative medicine in the current healthcare crisis.

And I can't possibly mention Sean without talking about his wife (and my friend) Christina Heerey. She runs the New York Dog Training School and has a great technique for training dogs and owners alike.

Can't wait to find more press on my classmates and friends!

East Bay Naturopathic Clinic

Northwest Natural medicine
Sean E. Heerey, N.D.

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