Monday, November 23, 2009

Surfing the 'net

How Ginger Soothes Muscles, Fights Cramps Some of the many uses of ginger, from (as seen in the latest issue of Health magazine). I always travel with candied ginger to ease the nausea from motion sickness, and adding a slice or two to a tea of lemon, honey, and cayenne is a warming way to relieve the cough and chill of colds and flus.

Exploring a Low-Acid Diet for Bone Health (from the New York Times) Not that we need another reason to eat our veggies. Low-acid diets high in fruits and vegetables may be more beneficial for bone health than one high in dairy and meat. Be sure to also read about the best exercises for healthy bones.

Thinking About Diabetes With Every Bite An insightful blog entry about living with diabetes. From the New York Times.

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  1. I like the tea suggestion. I've never tried cayenne in a tea, but love ginger tea!