Saturday, November 13, 2010


I wrote this list on Saturday, which is also the last day I took ibuprofen. Have managed my pain since then with homeopathy, and have recovered a fair amount of range of motion. Still have point tenderness over my biceps tendon and my deltoid feels bruised, like I got a tetanus shot, but the pain is so much less, and I don't have the stomach upset from the ibuprofen.

Okay, I mentioned I tore my right rotator cuff, but I failed to mention this is my dominant arm. Yeah, good times. I've mentally been keeping a list of things I am finding rather challenging to do with my left arm. I'm not whining, it's actually kind of funny. Some of the following are impossible to do, and so they are in bold, others are just...a challenge.
  1. Drive (dang standard shift)
  2. Eat steak (unless someone oh-so-kindly pre-cuts it for me)
  3. Go to the bathroom (T.M.I?)
  4. Put on my sling
  5. Sweep
  6. Pick up said sweeped items (much more challenging than sweep)
  7. Use a knife, safely, I must add
  8. Open a jar
  9. Open a can (that may be impossible, but haven't actually tried that one, yet)
  10. Open pill bottles
  11. Raise the roof (woot woot)
  12. Walk the 85-lb dog
  13. Get dressed (SLEEVES! *shakes fist at the heavens*)
  14. Get undressed (SLEEVES!!!)
  15. Shake fist at the heavens (the left hand has now taken over this duty)
  16. Shake hands (again, thank you, left hand)
  17. High five (left only)
  18. Make a bed
  19. Wash, shave or dry armpits
  20. Apply deodorant
  21. Make a ponytail/braid
  22. Untie knots
  23. Tie shoes
  24. Rake leaves
  25. Do two things at once (that's probably for the best)
  26. Brush teeth.
  27. Floss teeth.
Have you ever torn your rotator cuff? If so, what was your biggest challenge?

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