Friday, August 31, 2012

The Friday Four: The Free Food App Edition

True confession: I'm an app junkie. When I first got my iPhone, I swore up and down that I would never load up my phone with useless apps. At that time, I happened to be in my second year of residency, so I filled my phone with useful medical apps, such as ePocrates and Pepid. I still use those for work, but now I have a bunch of apps for when I travel, some for when I shop, several for social media, and even a game or two.

A couple of months ago at a friend's birthday dinner, a few of us were sitting around the table comparing phone apps. I remember thinking, "Hey, this could be a good post on my blog" but never got around to writing it. Thinking others might be as interested in what this naturopathic doctor has on her iPhone, I've decided to make this Friday Four about my four fav free food apps.

Holistica Healthcare: Four Fav Free Food Apps 

1. Dirty Dozen by Environmental Working Group
Are you worried about pesticide exposure when eating fruits and veggies but just can't financially afford to buy everything organic? What 12 organic foods do you absolutely want to buy? You might be surprised by the number one choice. I refer to this app every time I am in the grocery store. And, looking on the bright side of things, they also have the Clean 15 list.

2. Locavore by Hevva Corp.
Find farmers' markets and seasonal foods for your area. This app simply rocks.

3. ShopNoGMO by Plum Amazing
Includes tips to avoid GMOs, a guide to browse with non-GMO products, and a list of favorite foods that you can edit.

4. Whole Foods Market Recipes by Whole Foods Market Inc.
Another confession: I use this app when in Trader Joe's or New Seasons, too. This app has recipes for all courses, including many for special diets and even kid-friendly ones. We all know I'm lousy with following recipes, but it helps in a pinch when at the store and forgetting what ingredients are in fajita spice mix or ideas for a different type of meatloaf. There is also a feature where you enter three ingredients you have on hand and a recipe pops up! Cool.

Last night, I checked my emails before bed and found an article in the newsletter from Dr. Sara Gottfried: Top 5 Health Apps I Love. Dang, perfect timing! Dr. Gottfried is an integrative MD, a gynecologist from Berkeley, CA, who is an expert on women's hormones. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

What are your favorite health related apps?

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