Friday, August 10, 2012

The Friday Four

I just plumb forgot to write a Friday Four last week. No excuses. This week I'll be quick, I have a lot of housecleaning and laundry to catch up on. Tending to a chicken with a prolapse is hard work (don't ask).

Here are what I consider my top "favorite," or in this case, the most important links of the week that I posted on Facebook or Twitter:

1. When Partner has Breast Cancer, Men Find a Different Way to Cope. Via USNews Health.

2. The Latest Mammogram Controversy: Density. Mammograms may not be catching breast cancer in women with dense breasts. Additional imaging is needed, be it ultrasound (affordable) or MRI (expensive). Via The Wall Street Journal.

3. Tai Chi Benefits People With COPD. We already know it reduces anxiety, depression, chronic pain, improves balance, lowers blood pressure, increases energy...have you signed up for a class yet? Via WebMD.

4. Tweeting for Student Health Care Coverage. Arijit Guha (@Poop_Strong) is a rockstar. 'Nuff said. Via NY Times.

Okay, that's it from me. Oh, one more thing (two more?): I have a Tumblr page and I'm on Pinterest. The links are in the right hand column if you want to follow me (not to mention "Liking" me on Facebook!).

What was your favorite health story of the week?

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