Just a big city girl discovering her inner (urban) farmer.

I'm a naturopathic physician licensed in Arizona. After graduating from The National College of Natural Medicine, I completed a two year integrative family medicine residency in Portland and a two-year naturopathic oncology, hospital-based residency at an integrative cancer center in Northern Indiana.

Not your typical medical blog, I share interesting information I happen upon, whether it be health or home-related, recipe tips or recycling tricks, and news on music and art. I blog (mostly) green and (mostly) gluten-free. I am an amateur urban gardener, learning through trial and error.

Welcome to Holistica. It's more than health care, it's a way of life.

Why Holistica?
It is not a coincidence that I chose the Spanish word for holistic to represent me and my practice. Holistica honors my Mexican heritage and my grandmother, Pascuala Vasquez Enriquez. I grew up hearing about how my grandmother would give my mother a certain herb or tea for a particular ailment and when my mom would suggest these to me, I would scrunch my nose and ask for the over-the-counter remedy instead. Years later, I learned how my grandmother grew healing herbs and was a strong believer in chiropractic and energy medicine. It was too late for me to share my new found knowledge of naturopathic medicine with her; she passed away years before I entered naturopathic medical school.

For more about my grandmother, please read this article from 2009 by my sister, Aliza Sherman:
In Search of My Grandmother